Game Design

Tomorrow on revelation iii

A game about surviving and overcoming capitalism in a future among the stars. Four hundred years from now, aerospace corporations have traversed the galaxy, colonizing this solar system and ones beyond. You live on the heavily stratified agricultural station Revelation III, where the deck you’re born on determines your profession, privileges, and possibilities.

You are on the precipice of making major changes to the station, but reform is a complex process. Together, you work to improve and transform your conditions by creating meaning beyond productivity, balancing environmental betterment and social imagination with individual survival and persistence.


A tabletop roleplaying game about transgender superheroes whose powers come at a price. Civilians by day, in community every other Thursday evening, and heroes by night, the players use their powers to problem solve and offer protection and support around town. These powers must be used sparingly, however, because every use of a superpower demands a specific and costly remuneration.


You are a GHOST who haunts an EXTREMELY CURSED MANSION. Where there are no humans present, you can travel the grounds freely in your spirit form. But as soon as someone sets foot on the premises, you are CONFINED TO AN OBJECT. The previous occupants of your home DIED UNDER CURIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES that you DEFINITELY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH, and for a time you roamed unrestricted. But NEWCOMERS HAVE ARRIVED, and you are once again TRAPPED. If you want to regain what passed for freedom in the afterlife, you’ll need to GET RID OF THEM…one way or another.