Work with Me

If you want to work together, please feel free to email me at charliejlinton (at) gmail (dot) com. I am interested in working together on new play development, editing, and short-term communications/marketing . More about that below:

  • New play development: If you are working on a new play, I would love to work with you! I am especially interested in speculative genres (science fiction, cyberpunk, fantasy), stories centered on complicated family and found-family relationships, work by trans playwrights, and plays that are plays but also maybe something else.
  • Editing for fiction and tabletop roleplaying games, especially developmental, structural, and holistic editing: My favorite part of creative process (yes, more than writing!) is helping other people shape their work into exactly what they want it to be. I approach editing the same way I approach dramaturgy—I believe everyone is the authority on their own work, and that my job is to understand what you can accomplish so I can ask the right questions and offer suggests for revision that are aligned with your vision. I do not typically accept editing work that is solely copyediting.

  • Short-term communications strategy and digital marketing gigs: I’ve worked with a number of clients on email marketing, website maintenance, social media management, and content production. I specialize in:
    1) Helping organizations in staffing transition periods: Sometimes communications/marketing staff leave, and no one knows how your email marketing software works! Hiring and onboarding temporary staff to fill the gaps is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be: if you need someone to come in and keep processes running with little to no training, make process recommendations and/or create documentation, and train new long-term staff—I do that; and
    2) Working with solo creators and small teams to level up your marketing skills: Independent creatives often have to work as their own comms team—something that should be its own full-time job, but is often not financially viable for early career creatives). But not having marketing staff doesn’t mean you can’t successfully market your work! I work with people who have minimal communications training and are looking for help learning basic or intermediate marketing, building their skills across multiple proficiencies, such as creating per-project marketing plans, social media strategy, using Google Analytics, and useful/non-spammy email marketing. I can also help you identify what areas to focus on to minimize the time you spend marketing and get the best returns on your time.